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Troubadour Model 213 A
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"Newest sensation of the music world, the Custom 213 Amplifier is the finest compact, light amplifier available. Covered in modern charcoal leatherette with gold color appointments the Custom 213 is a power-house of tone. Rich, round bass tones, sparkling highs plus the sensational exclusive MAGNATONE BIG "V" Vibrato--the first true musical vibrato--make the custom 213 the ideal professional amplifier for club dates, recording sessions and T.V. or radio appearances."
catalog hype--1957

Troubadour Model 213-A

This Troubadour Model 213 A has 2 input channels (each with high & low gain) preamp'd by 12AX7's. Two volume controls and one tone for both channels. A 12AU7 is used in the vibrato circuits with half a 12AX7 for the oscillator. Half a 12AX7 for phase inversion into twin 6V6 power tubes. One 12" Oxford speaker #12K5R-1 (date codes: 465-845 on the frame). The power supply transformer #'s are 6206 and 606852. The Output transformer #'s are 6217 and 606903. While the earlier model 213 used a 5V4G rectifier tube, the 213-A used a 5Y3GT rectifier tube for Hvdc. This 213-A even has its original Foot Switch.

Weight: 25 lbs. Dim: 15" High x 10" Deep x 18.50" Wide, 15 degree tilted speaker baffle covered in acoustically transparent lumite. List Price in 1957 $179.50

Approx. 18 Watts
Serial Number: cabinet label: Model No. 213 A/Job916/25283
Owner: Michael P. Kaczmarczik, Not For Sale
Photo: ©1997 Michael P. Kaczmarczik. Used by permission.

another Model 213-AI spotted this at a shop called Real Guitars in San Francisco, CA back in May of ' 97. My friend Gary and I, went on a Magnatone Safari one day and came across about 14 different models at this one shop. I talked the proprietor into letting us photograph all of his Magnatone amps and he said "Sure". So we hauled them outside to the street for some good lighting and I snapped away. This amp might still be For Sale. You can contact Real Guitars by voice at: (415) 552-3310. If you bought this from Real Guitars, please Email me and let me know more details.

Serial Number: Unknown
Owner: Unknown
Photos: ©1998 Zack. Used by permission.

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